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I offer reflexive supervision to practioners at all stages of their career - trainees, pre-accredited and accredited.

As a supervisor I want to create an environment where my supervisees are facilitated to achieve their learning objectives through transformational learning that is not shame-based and where supervisees feel safe to bring the emotional discourse with their clients and are supported as they allow themselves to be in that place of not knowing since it is in this place that further learning is achieved.  Here my responsibility is to facilitate the learning environment; it is the supervisee’s responsibility as to what they take from it.  I also see myself embracing the responsibilities that come with being a supervisor: my own commitment to lifelong learning, responsibilities to the profession of supervision, the counselling and psychotherapy profession, my own accrediting body and the accrediting bodies and professions of all my supervisees.

In addition, I provide cross professional supervision to many other professionals who work with people including teachers and social workers.


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